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Fossil fuel is liquid money, but a drop of water is worth more than gold.  And the sunscreen is all gone.

A meteor struck the Earth, causing a volcanically active, but short-lived ice age. It screwed up the Earth’s orbit, so when the skies finally cleared, the searing rays of the Sun evaporated almost all of the water into the upper atmosphere. What little water was left on and under the ground is highly protected by those with the most, and biggest, guns. 

This is a tabletop role-playing game that's quick and easy to learn and get rolling, but with enough depth to last for many 2-4 hour sessions. Fend off attacks from roving bandits, drive and modify an assortment of vehicles, interact with crazed cultists, and try to survive in a hostile Desert World .

What you need

  • The rules (in a convenient front and back tri-fold format)
  • A character sheet for each player
  • A game master (GM) to  arbitrate rulings and act as the NPCs
    • GM's Tool Box zine (optional)
  • At least two eight-sided dice per player
  • Pencils and scratch paper for the table

Put on your shades, load ‘em up and strap in...we’re about to ride through HELL!

Inspired by: 

  • Music from such artists as Deaf Radio, Queens of the Stone Age, Red Desert, Causa Sui, The Black Angels and many other desert rock and metal bands. 
  • Films such as Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Fury Road, The Bad Batch, and other dusty post-apocalyptic movies where the insane often outlive the humane. 
  • Chunky guitar riffs, reverb and tremolo, wicked steel, burning rubber and fossil fuels.

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Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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